The Great Black North - More Brand New Metal Than You Can Shake A Hockey Stick At!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GBN - Episode 15 Part 1
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GBN - Episode 15 Part 2
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Once again it's Great Black North time, and this week brings us a massive helping of brand new Metal! Tune in as DJ Matt Hades digs his way out from under a pile of new releases, spinning brand new Canadian Metal from Annihilator, Necronomicon, and Alcoholator along the way! He's also dragged up a couple new international releases as well, including some European Black Metal from bands Watain and Thulcandra!!! Plus there's Metal news, your weekly concert listings, and a few surprises here and there! Tune in and get some new release, this week on The Great Black North - Canadian Metal Podcast!


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