The Great Black North Imbibes With AGGRESSOR!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

GBN - Episode 17 Part 1
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GBN - Episode 17 Part 2
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Get your drink on and thrash it up, this week on The Great Black North!! On this latest episode of the program, DJ Matt Hades catches up with Ottawa ON thrasher AGGRESSOR over a cooler full of beer, to find out just what exactly the band has in store for this year, and what it's like being out on the road with some of the members of Canada's up-and-coming Thrash Metal scene!
There's no shortage of vulgarity and hilarity, which is what The Great Black North is all about!

Plus we'll hear some brand new music from such bands as WITCHERY, KATAKLYSM, and ARTILLERY SWARM!!
And, of course, we've got your weekly metal concert listings and news from the underground!

It's the summer of Beer and Thrash, right here on The Great Black North!!


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