The Great Black North - Bleed For The Road With 3 INCHES OF BLOOD!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

GBN Episode 36 - Part 1 
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GBN Episode 36 - Part 2 
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Get your blood boiling with Canadian Metal, this week on The Great Black North!

On this week's episode, DJ Matt Hades is treated to a chat with Shane Clark, long-time guitarist of Vancouver's Power/Thrashers 3 INCHES OF BLOOD!!! Matt manages to dig out all kinds of inside info on the band, including some horror stories from their latest tour, regrets and lessons from former labels, and even some info on brand new 3IOB material! Plus the boys banter and bond over their mutual appreciation of Canadian rock legends RUSH!

Plus, as always, theres plenty of brand new music to check out! Including the debuts of brand new stuff from bands such as CAULDRON, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, DESTRUCTION, FOG OF LEPROSY, and more!!

Get ready to get bloody, this week on The Great Black North!

The Great Black North - Montreal Metal Takeover With DERELICT/NEURAXIS!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

GBN Episode 35 - Part 1 
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GBN Episode 35 - Part 2 
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The French are invading, and taking over The Great Black North's airwaves with Montreal Extreme Metal!!

On this week's program, the guys in Montreal's Tech-Death upstarts DERELICT make their return to the program, with many hilarious stories of adventures from the road, some news about their latest musical efforts, and even a brand new, previously unreleased song from their upcoming 2nd album! This will be your first chance to hear their new material, and for the moment it's completely exclusive to The Great Black North!
Don't miss it, along with another awesome interview with Eric and Max!

And the Montreal Metal doesn't end there, as we're premiering some brand new material from NEURAXIS, and their album ASYLON!! In addition to the brand new tunes, there's another big Neuraxis-related surprise for the loyal fans of Canadian Metal!

If thats not enough for you, there's even more new music to check out on this week's program as well, from bands such as WILL OF THE ANCIENTS, AMON AMARTH, and SIX FEET UNDER, as well as metal news, concert updates, and more!!

Submit to the will of Quebec's Metal Masters, this week on The Great Black North!

The Great Black North - Full Moon Fever Feat. CRYPTIK HOWLING!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

GBN Episode 34 - Part 1
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GBN Episode 34 - Part 2
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   The darkness is spreading, prepare to be sucked in to a swirling vortex of Black Metal, this week on The Great Black North!! 

On this week's program, Matt is joined for a chat by Chrisitan & Domenic Theriault of Quebec's Symphonic Black Metallers CRYPTIK HOWLING! The guys get into a pretty intense (and hilarious!) discussion about the band's new material, misogyny in Metal, and sharing album titles with the legendary King Diamond!
Plus there's a blizzard of Black Metal music sweeping in, with tracks from bands such as SAMAEL, VANQUISHED, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, ABYSMAL DAWN, and many more! 
And, of course, Matt's got some exciting concert announcements and metal news to share as well!

Tune in and crank it up, for maximum grimness, this week on The Great Black North! 

The Great Black North - Dissecting 2011 Redux!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

GBN Episode 33 - Part 1
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GBN Episode 33 - Part 2
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The new releases just keep piling up, here in The Great Black North!!
The exploration continues on this week's program, as Matt works his way through another pile of upcoming albums, with music and news from Canadian bands such as FUCK THE FACTS, WEAPON, and XYPHOS! Along with a bunch of new international music from DEICIDE, MOONSORROW, and LAZARUS A.D.!!

Plus theres an update on the health condition of BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal, even more Metal news, and some exciting tour announcements as well!!

2011 is starting off with a bang (or is it a blastbeat?), right here on The Great Black North!!

The Great Black North Gets Folked Up With BOLERO!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

GBN Episode 32 - Part 1

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GBN Episode 32 - Part 2
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Get ready to get folky, this week on The Great Black North! On this episode, Matt sits down with Ontario Epic/Celtic Metallers BOLERO, on the eve of the release of their brand new album, "Voyage From Vinland"!
Matt and the guys discuss drinking, the "Folk Metal" tag, the band's laid-back attitude to their career, and.. uh... drinking! And, of course, we're debuting some brand new tunes from the album!

Also, there's plenty more new music to go around, with more brand new Folk Metal releases from bands like FALKENBACH and BATTLELORE, Canadian "Celtic Thrashers" BATTLESOUL, and Roman-themed Death metallers STRINGS OF ARES!
So settle in, grab a horn of ale, and get ready to get Folked! Right here, on The Great Black North!

The Great Black North - Dissecting 2011!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

GBN Episode 31 - Part 1

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(GBN Episode 31 - Part 2
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A new year of Canadian Metal is upon us once again, here on The Great Black North!
After a brief holiday, DJ Matt Hades is back to bring you the first episode of 2011, and break down what you can expect out of this promising new year in terms of Extreme Metal!
Matt's his hands on some of the first releases of the year, bringing you brand new albums from such bands as BELPHEGOR and LEGION OF THE DAMNED, as well as some of the first rumblings out of the Canadian Metal underground, from BC Thrashers TITAN'S EVE and Black/Death blastmakers MITOCHONDRION
There's also plenty to talk about, with many exciting Canadian and International releases scheduled for this year, and some big tour/festival announcements as well!

Ring 2011 in the right way, with Canadian Metal on The Great Black North!! 

The Great Black North's Year End Countdown!

Friday, December 10, 2010

GBN Episode 30 - Part 1
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GBN Episode 30 - Part 2
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As 2010 draws to a close, The Great Black North is going out with a bang, of the most metal variety! To end off the year DJ Matt Hades is bringing Canadian Metal fans a very special episode, as he discards the program's regular format to bring you his personal picks for the Top 15 Extreme Metal Albums of 2010!
Tune in as Matt count's off his favourite heavy records from this last year, featuring not only Canadian Metal, but loud and extreme music from all over the globe!
Not only are we celebrating the best metal of 2010, but also The Great Black North's landmark 30th episode!
This last year has been quite the ride for this Canadian Metal Podcast, but as this will be the last installment for 2010, get your fill in now, or be left waiting til next year!