The Great Black North - Full Moon Fever Feat. CRYPTIK HOWLING!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

GBN Episode 34 - Part 1
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GBN Episode 34 - Part 2
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   The darkness is spreading, prepare to be sucked in to a swirling vortex of Black Metal, this week on The Great Black North!! 

On this week's program, Matt is joined for a chat by Chrisitan & Domenic Theriault of Quebec's Symphonic Black Metallers CRYPTIK HOWLING! The guys get into a pretty intense (and hilarious!) discussion about the band's new material, misogyny in Metal, and sharing album titles with the legendary King Diamond!
Plus there's a blizzard of Black Metal music sweeping in, with tracks from bands such as SAMAEL, VANQUISHED, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, ABYSMAL DAWN, and many more! 
And, of course, Matt's got some exciting concert announcements and metal news to share as well!

Tune in and crank it up, for maximum grimness, this week on The Great Black North! 


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