The Great Black North chats with PROFANER / R.I.P. DIO!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010
GBN - Episode 13 Part 1
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GBN - Episode 13 Part 2
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It's another busy week in The Great Black North and the world of Metal, which leaves us no shortage of things to talk about on this week's episode! DJ Matt Hades is back from the Mississauga Metal Madness fest with a follow-up on the night's festivities, as well as an interview with one of the performers, Hamilton Ontario's Profaner! Guitarist Jay and singer Frank sit down and rap about the band's business models, spiritual beliefs, and the impending release of their Northern Storm Records debut entitled "Signs Of Nine"!

And, of course, on a much darker note... we also have to spend some time discussing the death of former Black Sabbath frontman and beloved Heavy Metal hero Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P. 1942-2010). It has been widely publicized now that Dio passed away over the weekend after a year-long battle with cancer, and left Metalheads around the world to spend the week mourning the loss of one of Metal's greatest icons. Join The Great Black North in saluting the illustrious career of Dio, in the only way fitting, with Heavy Metal Music!

The Great Black North Goes On A West-Coast Trip!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

GBN - Episode 12 Part 1
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GBN - Episode 12 Part 2
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 ...Figuratively speaking, of course. This week on The Great Black North, DJ Matt Hades is featuring a focus on many of the awesome bands from Canada's West Coast! Plenty of brand-new BC Metal abounds, featuring tracks from Omega Crom, Abriosis, and Unleash The Archers!! And brand-spankin' new music from international acts like Keep Of Kalessin  and Misery Index!!
All this and more awesome Canadian and International Metal, along with your concert listings and the usual fun shit!
Get ready to head west and headbang, this week on The Great Black North!!

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The Great Black North Dishes Dirt With DERELICT!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

GBN - Episode 11 Part 1
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GBN - Episode 11 Part 2
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On this week's episode of The Great Black North, DJ Matt Hades sits down for an extensive verbal riffing session with Eric(vocals) and Max(guitars) from Montreal Prog-Death newcomers DERELICT! Nothing is off-limits as the guys discuss the band's vibrant roots, their latest and most ambitious Canadian tour, and the trials and tribulations young and underground bands face when trying to break into the international metal scene. Plus we'll hear some awesome cuts from their new album Unspoken Words, out now on Year Of The Sun records!
All this plus concert listings, metal news, and brand new music from Ex Deo, Vanquished, Order Of Ennead, and many more awesome bands!

Tune in and get ready to shred your head, this week on The Great Black North - The Canadian Metal Podcast!!