The Great Black North - Rippin' It Old School With RAZOR!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

GBN Episode 29 - Part 1 
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GBN Episode 29 - Part 2
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We're offering up a salute to the Old School on The Great Black North!! On this week's program Matt is joined by guitarist and band leader Dave Carlo from Canadian Thrash Legends RAZOR, regarding the band's plans to record another album, their laid-back attitude towards touring, and why there's more to the Razor catalog than just Evil Invaders.
In tribute to our most venerable Metal guest, the Great Black North is spinning a plethora of new and old school thrash tunes, including some brand new material from long-running Ottawa-based thrashers EXCITER, as well as the latest music from SODOM, MOTORHEAD, DEATH ANGEL, and more!
Plus Matt has your concert listings, metal news, and everything you'd expect from a drunk Canadian headbanger! 

Tune in for an extreme thrashback, this week on The Great Black North!


METAL said...

killer interview man! Was cool to hear what Dave had to say and hopefully a new CD from them next year!\m/

Anonymous said...

UNIDISC has re-released Executioner's Song????

so, I guess Mr Carlo doesn't care about the past as much as we do?
He'd rather companies he complained were rippinghim off, to keep doing it, instead of taking his material back and giving us bonuis tracks and remastering ?

You know who wins here?

The Great Black North said...

Well I guess I'll have more to ask him about next time!

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