The Great Black North Episode .22 - Point Blank!

Friday, August 27, 2010

GBN Episode 22 - Part 1 
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GBN Episode 22 - Part 2
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Get ready for another high velocity close-range blast of Canadian Metal, this week on The Great Black North! DJ Matt Hades has loaded up an explosive collection of brand new music, including the latest releases from major international artists such as SIGH, DIMMU BORGIR, and BONDED BY BLOOD, as well as brand new Canadian Metal from VIATHYN, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, THE LAST FELONY, and many more! Plus there's plenty of Metal news to tackle this week, including some controversy from the latest installment of the HEAVY MTL Festival, and of course the sad news regarding the current health problems of BEHEMOTH's frontman Nergal.

Tune in and get blasted, this week on The Great Black North!!

The Great Black North Opens Up With OMEGA CROM!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

GBN Episode 21 - Part 1
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GBN Episode 21 - Part 2 
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Once again, it's Canadian Metal time in The Great Black North! (But isn't it always?) On this week's program, DJ Matt Hades is joined by Wayne, guitarist for one of Canada's newest and hardest-working metal figures, Vancouver BC's OMEGA CROM!! The boys riff on a variety of subjects, including the band's extensive and exhausting touring schedule, how much brainpower you need to comprehend Omega Crom's music, and how "all real men sing falsetto".
And, in honour of this metal meeting, this week we're featuring some brand new music from some of Metal's biggest names, including the manliest of the falsetto-singing Metal Men, Mr. ROB HALFORD, as well as IMMORTAL, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, IRON MAIDEN, and many more!!
Plus, as always, we have your metal news, concert listings, and DJ Matt spouting off as he always does!
So tune in before it's too late!! This week on The Great Black North - Canadian Metal Podcast!

The Great Black North's "Live & Covered" Extravaganza!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

GBN Episode 20 - Part 1  
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GBN Episode 20 - Part 2 
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It's a celebration, this week on The Great Black North!! On this week's episode, we're celebrating 20 episodes of Canadian Metal awesomeness, with The Great Black North's "Live & Covered" Extravaganza!!
Tune in for DJ Matt Hades' personal selection of live Canadian Metal tracks, and some of his favourite heavy metal cover tracks!
Featuring music from such artists as  NEURAXIS, MARTYR, VOIVOD, ZIMMER'S HOLE, MELECHESH, STORMLORD, and many many more!

Plus Matt reflects back on the last 20 episodes of The Great Black North, gives his opinions and insight on what to expect in the second season of the program, and even offers up a bit of a live review of progressive metal legends CYNIC's latest Canadian performance!

Tune in, crank it up. and celebrate The Great Black North's Canadian Metal Legacy!!