New Episode! - 02/25/10

Thursday, February 25, 2010
GBN Episode 2 Part 1
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GBN Episode 2 Part 2
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Another week bestows another episode of The Great Black North upon us!
This weeks episode brings all kinds of Canadian Metal goodies to you ravenous hosers! Concert listings, movie reviews, and the latest news from the Canadian underground metal scene!
Along with new music from Finntroll, Reanimator, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Empyrean Plague, and many more!
Tune in Friday at 11PM on, or any time on The Great Black North's Myspace Page!
Get into it, eh!

GBN Episode 1!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
GBN Episode 1 Part 1
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GBN Episode 1 Part 2
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Hey All! Thanks for checking out The Great Black North - Your source for all things Canadian Metal!
Got a brand spankin' new episode for you guys, full of awesome music, concert listings, info, and, of course... Canadian Metal!!
Tune in for new music from Augury, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Fear Factory, Devin Townsend, and much more!
And don't forget to go check out The Great Black North on Myspace and Facebook as well!
Thanks for listening, and keep supporting Canadian metal!!

- DJ Matt Hades